Saturday, August 9, 2014

Private Pool in Pansol

During the rainy season, beach are less appealing because of the murkiness of the sea, uncleanliness of the shore and compromised safety.. When there's a rain, going to beach is less exciting but we are not losing our drive to splish and splash on the water.

Pansol private pools serves as a good alternative to beaches.  You can select and rent  from hundreds of resorts in Pansol at an affordable price. The key here is to negotiate and obtain the best deal.
Most resorts have the same amenities such as swimming pools, rooms, kitchen with refrigerator, TV and videoke but they might have different set of rules and regulations.

Aside from management, here are some tips for looking a good resort in Pansol, Laguna

  • Check if they allow bringing of foods or they charge corkage fee. 
  • Check if they have a affordabe package for meals.
  • Check if they offer FREE Wifi
  • Check if they have mobile phone signal
  • Check if they have secure parking for cars
  • You may also want to check if all the rooms are air conditioned or well-ventilated
  • Check the cleanliness of CR
  • Take note of your time in and time out

Looks for a resort with good care taker and good management.  Be sure that the resort you selected are secure from outside strangers. Always lock your door and don't leave your things unattended. Theft is a common problem in unsecure resorts.

Before you leave the resort, double check your important item such as cellphone, chargers, wallet. Inspect the rooms and bathrooms to see if you are leaving something behind.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheap Laiya Resort

Cheapest Laiya Resort in San Juan

Have you been in Laiya, San Juan ? Which beach resort? Would you say that you got the cheapest rate in your  Laiya resort?

Let's open the search for the cheapest Laiya resort and obtain a list of cheap Laiya Resort,
Well, just to be clear, let's define cheap resort as the resort which offers the lowest price.  We'll not dwell deeper on the quantity and quality of service and the goodness of amenities.  We'll focused on the amount paid.

What is the minimum money that we should have to enjoy a stay in Laiya, San Juan?
Where can we find this deal? 

_______________________________________________  ?

Next, let's consider the service provided, the activities and amenities offered. In this case, a resort that asks for 50 pesos but the beach area is contaminated by trashes, leaves and plastics is NOT considered as cheap. On the other hand,  a resort that asks for 1000 pesos but treated you like a President every minute is considered as Cheap resort. This is harder to measure since it may rely on personal opinions.  This time, we are looking for Laiya resort which we can classify as Super Sulit. This means that every centavo we spent was replaced by immeasurable happy moments.  Every peso spent had a worthy cause.

Please put your story or suggestions on the comments

Laiya Resort Facebook Page with the most number of Facebook Likes

Do you know the Laiya resort with the highest number of Likes in Facebook? 

It may not come as a big surprise.  If you are familiar with Laiya, I think you can get the answer right with less than three guesses.

Is it La Luz, Acuaverde, Sabangan, Estrellas de Mendoza, Acuatico, or Blue Coral Facebook page?

The answer is Acuatico.  As of June 2014, Acuatico surpasses the 25, 000 likes in facebook.
Most resorts didn't even reached the 10, 000 likes. This doesn't necessarily mean that the other resorts are not good. Acuatico may have a better facebook page or its customers are more active in facebook compared to the customers in other resort.  Regardless of the explanation behind the 25,000 likes, I can say that the Acuatico is one of the best resorts in Batangas( not only in Laiya). 

I have read so many positive reviews about Acuatico beach resort.  Most guests commend Acuatico good service and appreciate the infinity pool.  On the other side, Acuatico is more expensive compared to other resorts.

List of Laiya Resorts and Laiya Resorts Facebook Pages

Laiya Resorts Facebook page 
Facebook is now a alternative way to contact resort owner or resort management for inquiry. 
You'll spend less by saving phone calls. Furthermore, you can see more photos and comments of previous visitors.

Name of Beach Resort Facebook Address
Palm Beach Resort
Sabangan Beach Resort
Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Virgin Beach Resort
Paseo Verde       

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort
Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
Laiya White Cove Beach Resort

I patiently searched for the facebook pages of Laiya beach resorts one by one on the internet. However, I may fail to select the official one.  If you find some error on the links, let me know.

By the way, there's a way to remove the annoying numbers at the end of facebook page name.
Try the steps discuss here: 

Another good video of Playa Laiya Amenities

Playa Laiya

Plaiya laiya is known to be exclusive for lot owners and guests.
If you want to experience an exclusive resort with  relaxing cabanas and magnificent man made pools,
visit Plaiya Laiya

If you are sporty, you'll definitely want to try jet skiing, snorkeling, banana boating, and kayaking in Laiya. If you don't know how to swim, you can still try all of them.  I tried snorkeling, banana boat, and kayak without knowing how to swim.

 Remember, you are wearing a life vest.
The life vest will do the floating for you.
Keep loving and sticking with your life vest if you can't swim properly.

Laiya Austria Beach Resort

I read about good comments about these resort. However, its hard to get contact information and photos of this resort.

Please share if you have a good experience.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kabayan beach resort Room Rates, Amenities

Kabayan Beach Resort

Opened in 1996 and formerly known as LaplayaBeach Resort, Kabayan continue to serve Filipinos and foreign tourists.

Cheap rooms can be availed for as low as 4000 pesos.  You can also get cheap rates by availing the dorm types

Hotel Gumamela
12 Sq m Room
w/ 1 Bedroom
w/ (1) double-size bed
Lying capacity 2
Max Cap allowed w/o pay 2
Price per night 4,000

Dapo Rooms(4 Units)
24 Sq m Room per unit
1 Bedroom
with 1 queen-size bed
Laying capacity 2
Max Cap allowed w/o pay 2
Price per night 4,500

You can also check this pdf for other rates

Contact Details:
Address:Bgy. Laiya, 4226 San Juan, Batangas
Manila: (02)709-0115 / 709-1470
Marlon: 0917-896-3312
Amy: 0917-627-9357
Weekdays: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Weekends: 8:00AM-5:00PM (cellphone only)