Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheap Laiya Resort

Cheapest Laiya Resort in San Juan

Have you been in Laiya, San Juan ? Which beach resort? Would you say that you got the cheapest rate in your  Laiya resort?

Let's open the search for the cheapest Laiya resort and obtain a list of cheap Laiya Resort,
Well, just to be clear, let's define cheap resort as the resort which offers the lowest price.  We'll not dwell deeper on the quantity and quality of service and the goodness of amenities.  We'll focused on the amount paid.

What is the minimum money that we should have to enjoy a stay in Laiya, San Juan?
Where can we find this deal? 

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Next, let's consider the service provided, the activities and amenities offered. In this case, a resort that asks for 50 pesos but the beach area is contaminated by trashes, leaves and plastics is NOT considered as cheap. On the other hand,  a resort that asks for 1000 pesos but treated you like a President every minute is considered as Cheap resort. This is harder to measure since it may rely on personal opinions.  This time, we are looking for Laiya resort which we can classify as Super Sulit. This means that every centavo we spent was replaced by immeasurable happy moments.  Every peso spent had a worthy cause.

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