Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alahbiga Beach Resort Cheap Rates, Promo

In Alahbiga Resort, there are lots of activities to be enjoyed with your family and friends.
You can swing fishing rods to catch fishes, paddle in a kayak, let out your voice in videoke, play volleyball, ride a boat or banana boat.

They can also offer relaxation services for you like massage service, foot spa,
If you want, you can have a Henna Tatoo.
Please see below for the prices and rates in Alahbiga Beach Resort

Rentable Facilities Rates
Fishing Rod P 400
Fishing w/ Operator P 1,500/hour
Goggles P 100
Kayak P 300/hour
Videoke P 1,500/9am-10pm
Beach Volleyball P 50/hour
Banana Boat P 1,500/15min.(5pax)
Boat Ride P 1,500/roundtrip(8pax)

Amenities with Fees Rates
Manicure/Pedicure P 250
Massage Service P 350/hour
Foot SPA P 300
Henna Tattoo Depends on the design/size
Infinity Pool P 100/head
Kiddie Pool P 100/head

Other Fees Rates
Extra pax P 500 Inclusive of mattress, blanket and pillow
Corkage Fee P 2,000 For bringing own food & beverages, liquor, wine, using kitchen utensils, grills and stove

For updates, please check on Alahbiga Contact Details

(Laiya), Hugom, Sitio Biga,San Juan, Batangas

0906-226-2277 (Globe)
0928-554-7082 (Smart)
0908-881-4050 (Smart)

(043) 575-8221

Please check their price rates updates on the following contact

Sometimes, this Alahbiga resort in san juan are offering promos on their site   Lat May 2014, they offered a day tour package

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