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Private Pool in Pansol

During the rainy season, beach are less appealing because of the murkiness of the sea, uncleanliness of the shore and compromised safety.. When there's a rain, going to beach is less exciting but we are not losing our drive to splish and splash on the water.

Pansol private pools serves as a good alternative to beaches.  You can select and rent  from hundreds of resorts in Pansol at an affordable price. The key here is to negotiate and obtain the best deal.
Most resorts have the same amenities such as swimming pools, rooms, kitchen with refrigerator, TV and videoke but they might have different set of rules and regulations.

Aside from management, here are some tips for looking a good resort in Pansol, Laguna

  • Check if they allow bringing of foods or they charge corkage fee. 
  • Check if they have a affordabe package for meals.
  • Check if they offer FREE Wifi
  • Check if they have mobile phone signal
  • Check if they have secure parking for cars
  • You may also want to check if all the rooms are air conditioned or well-ventilated
  • Check the cleanliness of CR
  • Take note of your time in and time out

Looks for a resort with good care taker and good management.  Be sure that the resort you selected are secure from outside strangers. Always lock your door and don't leave your things unattended. Theft is a common problem in unsecure resorts.

Before you leave the resort, double check your important item such as cellphone, chargers, wallet. Inspect the rooms and bathrooms to see if you are leaving something behind.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheap Laiya Resort

Cheapest Laiya Resort in San Juan

Have you been in Laiya, San Juan ? Which beach resort? Would you say that you got the cheapest rate in your  Laiya resort?

Let's open the search for the cheapest Laiya resort and obtain a list of cheap Laiya Resort,
Well, just to be clear, let's define cheap resort as the resort which offers the lowest price.  We'll not dwell deeper on the quantity and quality of service and the goodness of amenities.  We'll focused on the amount paid.

What is the minimum money that we should have to enjoy a stay in Laiya, San Juan?
Where can we find this deal? 

_______________________________________________  ?

Next, let's consider the service provided, the activities and amenities offered. In this case, a resort that asks for 50 pesos but the beach area is contaminated by trashes, leaves and plastics is NOT considered as cheap. On the other hand,  a resort that asks for 1000 pesos but treated you like a President every minute is considered as Cheap resort. This is harder to measure since it may rely on personal opinions.  This time, we are looking for Laiya resort which we can classify as Super Sulit. This means that every centavo we spent was replaced by immeasurable happy moments.  Every peso spent had a worthy cause.

Please put your story or suggestions on the comments

Laiya Resort Facebook Page with the most number of Facebook Likes

Do you know the Laiya resort with the highest number of Likes in Facebook? 

It may not come as a big surprise.  If you are familiar with Laiya, I think you can get the answer right with less than three guesses.

Is it La Luz, Acuaverde, Sabangan, Estrellas de Mendoza, Acuatico, or Blue Coral Facebook page?

The answer is Acuatico.  As of June 2014, Acuatico surpasses the 25, 000 likes in facebook.
Most resorts didn't even reached the 10, 000 likes. This doesn't necessarily mean that the other resorts are not good. Acuatico may have a better facebook page or its customers are more active in facebook compared to the customers in other resort.  Regardless of the explanation behind the 25,000 likes, I can say that the Acuatico is one of the best resorts in Batangas( not only in Laiya). 

I have read so many positive reviews about Acuatico beach resort.  Most guests commend Acuatico good service and appreciate the infinity pool.  On the other side, Acuatico is more expensive compared to other resorts.

List of Laiya Resorts and Laiya Resorts Facebook Pages

Laiya Resorts Facebook page 
Facebook is now a alternative way to contact resort owner or resort management for inquiry. 
You'll spend less by saving phone calls. Furthermore, you can see more photos and comments of previous visitors.

Name of Beach Resort Facebook Address
Palm Beach Resort
Sabangan Beach Resort
Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Virgin Beach Resort
Paseo Verde       

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort
Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
Laiya White Cove Beach Resort

I patiently searched for the facebook pages of Laiya beach resorts one by one on the internet. However, I may fail to select the official one.  If you find some error on the links, let me know.

By the way, there's a way to remove the annoying numbers at the end of facebook page name.
Try the steps discuss here: 

Another good video of Playa Laiya Amenities

Playa Laiya

Plaiya laiya is known to be exclusive for lot owners and guests.
If you want to experience an exclusive resort with  relaxing cabanas and magnificent man made pools,
visit Plaiya Laiya

If you are sporty, you'll definitely want to try jet skiing, snorkeling, banana boating, and kayaking in Laiya. If you don't know how to swim, you can still try all of them.  I tried snorkeling, banana boat, and kayak without knowing how to swim.

 Remember, you are wearing a life vest.
The life vest will do the floating for you.
Keep loving and sticking with your life vest if you can't swim properly.

Laiya Austria Beach Resort

I read about good comments about these resort. However, its hard to get contact information and photos of this resort.

Please share if you have a good experience.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kabayan beach resort Room Rates, Amenities

Kabayan Beach Resort

Opened in 1996 and formerly known as LaplayaBeach Resort, Kabayan continue to serve Filipinos and foreign tourists.

Cheap rooms can be availed for as low as 4000 pesos.  You can also get cheap rates by availing the dorm types

Hotel Gumamela
12 Sq m Room
w/ 1 Bedroom
w/ (1) double-size bed
Lying capacity 2
Max Cap allowed w/o pay 2
Price per night 4,000

Dapo Rooms(4 Units)
24 Sq m Room per unit
1 Bedroom
with 1 queen-size bed
Laying capacity 2
Max Cap allowed w/o pay 2
Price per night 4,500

You can also check this pdf for other rates

Contact Details:
Address:Bgy. Laiya, 4226 San Juan, Batangas
Manila: (02)709-0115 / 709-1470
Marlon: 0917-896-3312
Amy: 0917-627-9357
Weekdays: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Weekends: 8:00AM-5:00PM (cellphone only)

Ano ang pinakamagandang resort sa Laiya?

Hi Guys,

Let's help each other in finding out the most beautiful resort in Laiya.  Let's connsider all things except the price.  Assume that everyone has enough budget. What do you suggest?

Post your suggestions on the comment section below.

Balai sa San Juan

How about we go outside Laiya and explore the beauty of nearby resorts?
Maybe I should rename the blog to San Juan resorts now haha.

By the way, San Juan is the municipality that governs Laiya. Laiya is just a barangay in San Juan.
Furthermore, there is also a place called Balai Anilao

You can read more about balai resorts in
and their facebook
This is a video uploaded on youtube. See what they discovered on Balai sa San Juan

What to see in Virgin beach resort in San Juan?

I found this video online which shares the natural beauty, ancestral houses, spanish colonial churches, lambanog of of San Juan. San Juan is really a tourist haven of Southern Luzon with beautiful landscapes and rich marine life.  San Juan is not only about coconuts!

 While you are in San Juan, look for Virgin Beach Resort.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Laiya Coco Grove Resort Rooms, Recreations and Facilities

What to do and what to enjoy in Laiya Coco Grove?

White Beach, Obstacle and rope course, picnic,swimming pool, sampaloc terrace, main pavillion, function room, chapel, native pony, ocean kayak, banana boat, table hockey, beach volleyball, trampoline, pingpong, pocket billiards table, darts, scrabble, chess

What are the available Laiya Coco Grove Room Accomodations ?

Tree House
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Double Bed
En suite T & Bs
Sitting area
Water Heater

Bahay Kubo Dorm
(for 20 guests - dorm style)
Single Bed
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
En suite T & Bs

Standard Poolside cottage
(for 4-6 guests)
Double deck
Single Bed
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
En suite T & Bs
Water Heater

Deluxe Poolside cottage
(for 7 Guests)
Double Bed
Ceiling Fan
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
En suite T & Bs
Single Bed
Queen Size Bed

QUAD Poolside Cottage
Double Bed
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
En Suite T & Bs
Queen Size Bed
Single Bed

To check for  Laiya Coco Grove rates, visit

Acuaverde Rates, Accomodation

Acuaverde offers the following room accomodations.
All of them have a private Veranda


Room Features:
Good for 2 persons
Queen Bed or Twin Beds
Floor area: 15 sqm
With private veranda

Room Features:
Good for 4 persons
Floor area: 26 sqm
With private veranda

Room Features:
Good for 2 persons
Queen Bed or Twin Beds
Floor area: 16 sqm

With private veranda

It's not easy to find their updates rates. But from a different blog post (, I knew that rooms for 2 can can range from 6000 pesos to 8000 pesos 

Acuaverde Contact Information

Makati Sales & Reservations Office: (02) 847.0953 / (02) 304.9901 / (02) 304.9909.
Mobile Globe: 0927 6807839
Mobile Smart: 0939 9548464

For weekend inquiries, please contact the Resort at:
Globe: 0916-4057388
Smart: 0928-8543805

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort Rates, Review, Accomodations

Started with one small air-conditioned cottage and open-air nipa huts is now a 1900 sqaure meter resort with lots of room accomodations and fun activities to enjoy like snorkeling,kayaking, volleyball, videoke, stargazing, sand castle building

Here are the rates for fun amenties
Kayaks (double): Php250/hour
Boating: Php1000.00/10 passengers
Jetski: Php4,500/hr
Banana Boat: Php1,500/5 pax (15 mins)
Videoke (until 10pm only): Php 5/song
Videoke Rental (until 10pm only): P 1500/overnight
Snorkeling Gear Rental: Php100/set

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort Rates
Tulya rooms with a capacity of 6 persons is worth 5300 pesos

Maharlika rooms with a capacity of 4 persons is worth 5000 pesos
Halaan rooms with a capacity of 8 persons is worth 5800 pesos
These are aircondtioned, with private T&b, refrigerator, water dispense,stove and gas, and grill

Kabibe rooms with a capacity of 2 persons is worth 4000 pesos
This is aircondtioned, with private T&B, with mini refrigerator

Visit their site to inquire with updated rates and prices for other available rooms

Contact number: (02) 8564673
Telefax: (02) 5562846
Mobile: 0920-9529517

Laiya White Cove Resorts Rates

Laiya White cove Beach resort is a 1.5 hectare resort located in Laiya, San Juan Batangas. Laiya White Cove is a beach resort with tropical island ambiance, spacious grounds, and ambient scenery.

A place for family vacation, company team building activities, business functions, seminar, workshops, birthday celebration and wedding ceremony

Laiya White cove resort can offer you the following

Club house, Guest house, picnice grounds, shoreline and mountain views, sundeck area, picnic huts and bences Bar area, beach front,music/videoke area, Local boat rides and cove hopping, airconditioned bedrooms, pavilion cottage, white sands

Activities: Billiards, volleyball, basketball, swimming , snorkeling,sea kayak, boat trips

For the resort rates, you can visit their site:
For laiya white cove day tour package, entrance is 150 pesos.

Overnight Accomodation
Room for 2 is 4000 pesos, room for 4 is 6000 pesos, room fir 5 is 7000  pesos
Old model family rooms ranges from 5000 to 6000 pesos

If this is what you are looking for, get in touch with them on

Laiya White Cove resort Contact Details:
Address: 112 Brgy., Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas, San Juan, Batangas
Contact number: Manila 925-2562, 926-9348, 994-7392, 871-1235 TelFax: 425-0161, Cell No. 09212707660, 09235966733 , 09052854047

Monday, June 9, 2014

La Luz Beach Resort Review

La Luz is located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas which is around 3-4 hours away from Manila.
It's one of those resorts where the photos do not lie. What you see on photos is what you see on the resort. Consistent!

Prepare to have a little exercise since before you reach the accommodation and beach area, you need to climb down a stair. Don't worry, it's not that hard to climb.

La Luz is full of cabanas beside the resort. I prefer to stay in there at night rather in my room.
Why? Maybe I just want the natural cool breeze of the sea rather than the artificial coldness manufactured by air conditioner.

It's very relaxing in the resort. You will not feel too much heat of the sun because La Luz is also a home of tall trees.   Of course, you can't escape the sun when you're on the beach area. Haha! Go under the resort umbrellas, it might work.

Some bloggers say that there isn't much to do in the resort. However, I believe that snorkeling, boating, kayak, diving is enough for a weekend stay.  Other activities that you can have are massage, boardgames, volleyball, hiking,  and bonfire.

What I did in Laluz? Enjoyed a buffet meal. Took pictures,Rode a Kayak,Took pictures,  Hike on the stone cliffs near the beach area, Enjoyed swimming and took pictures again!

Visit La Luz at their official website so you can see La Luz resort rates!

Acuatico Beach Resort Review, Photos

Acuatico Beach Resort

Blog platforms like Blogspot is a great way to research about beach resorts. When I was searching for Acuatico review, i came into another blog and requested to use some photos so that I can show you the beauty of Acuatico.

When I sit on a a beach side like this...
Acuatico White Sand Beach
 and sip cold refreshments like these.....
Acuatico Shakes
 and sexily swim in a pool like this...
Acuatico Infinity Pool
I would feel like a Celebrity... a Hot Celebrity !

This is Acuatico !
Acuatico Swimming Pool

Given these photos, I don't need to speak more of Acuatico beauty.  However, if you want, you can read more on the photo source on

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Patio Socorro Laiya

Do you want to celebrate a private party? You can organize it within PationSocorro.

Patio Socorro is a resort in Brgy. Calubcub 2nd, San Juan Laiya Road., San Juan, Batangas

Here is Patio Socorro contact information
Phone Number: SMART- 09989753821,09285027892 GLOBE 09174023689

Sabangan Beach Resorts Review and Amenities

If you are like most of the travellers, you would want to check first the amenities and facilities that can be offered by the resort before you pack your things and knock on the resort gate.

Since you are interested with Sabangan, here are the list of their facilities and amenities that you can enjoy

Beach front parasols
Dining Pavilion
Gazebo with bar
Adult Pool
Kiddie Pool
Satellite Cable TV
Mini Convenience Store
Free Wi-fi connection
Beach volleyball
Standby Generator
Free Parking

Sabangan Beach Resort Room rates

Sabangan is one of the most popular beach resort in Batangas.
Like other resorts in Batangas, they experiences lean and peak seasons of visitors.
Sabangan offers two sets of different rates. One for regular season and one for lean season.

You can check their room rates on their website.
Here are the rates as of June 2014.  The resort looks expensive but you may consider it cheap when you check on what is included (includes vat, some snacks and meal) and the sleeping capacity.

Room Types Regular Season Rates
(September 1 to December 31)
Loft A, B, C, & D PHP 27,000.00
Bungalow 2C & 2D PHP 18,000.00
Bungalow 2A PHP 15,680.00
Bungalow 2B PHP 15,180.00
Bungalow 1A PHP 10,680.00
Bungalow 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, & 1F PHP 10,180.00

Room Types Lean Season Rates
(July 1 to August 30)
Loft A, B, C, & D PHP 21,600.00
Bungalow 2C & 2D PHP 14,400.00
Bungalow 2A PHP 12,544.00
Bungalow 2B PHP 12,144.00
Bungalow 1A PHP 8,544.00
Bungalow 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, & 1F PHP 8,144.00

Prices are subject to change so please coordinate with the resort management directly.
Here are the contact details of Sabangan Beach resort 

Address:Laiya, San Juan, Batangas,Philippines
Office Hours:(Monday - Saturday: 8:30am - 5:30pm)
Phone: (02) 914-9640
TeleFax: (02) 667-3997

Villa Aniciete Resort Review and Amenites

Once in a while, its good to let your children play in the water and under the sun. Let them play in Villa Aniciete Swimming Pool

Once in a while, its good to let your brother or husband play in the basketball.
Let them shoot the ball in Villa Aniciete basketball rings

Once in while, it's good to let yourself forget work. Leave the stress behind.
Relax in the comfort of Villa Aniciete greenery.

Lastly, its good for your family to enjoy and eat together.
Have a picnic or have a videoke sing along in Villa aniciete resort

Contact Information
Address: Brgy. Escribano, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines
Mobile: Smart-09216751476 | Red-09387671603 | Globe-09063454751

Estrella de Mendoza Playa Resort in San Juan

There's no limit in the beauty of Batangas. There are so many stars of beach resorts and hotels. One of them is Estrella de Mendoza.

For those who didn't know, estrella means star in Spanish. Why a star?
The magnificent video from youtube below will answer you! Estrella de Mendoza is  not just a star. It's a bright and shining resort! They will offer your family and friends with first class comfort and personalized service.  You can also set a romantic date with your special someone in here

Dreamland Resort San Juan

Facebook brings us more closer to the information about beach resort.
I discovered Dreamland Resort on Facebook.

Dreamland resort is only 2 1/2 hours away from Manila.
Mobile number:+639174204351 / +639183797097 / +639228590094

Some notes for the readers, Dreamland does not accept walk-in guest after 5pm according to their website. Also, there's a dreamland resort in Zabarte, Caloocan, Manila ( Travelers, don't get confused.

Are there Jellyfish in Laiya, San Juan ?

I heard comments about the presence of Jellyfish in San Juan. It's not a rumor.
When ?  Around April to May.

Last April 2014, there were news that Anne Curtis while shooting for Dyesebel was stung by Jellyfish. Jellyfish was common in selected rich waters of  Batangas and this includes San Juan.

You can watch the details of anne curtis experience here

My advice is not to touch and not to swim near jellyfishes.  There are some species of  jellyfish which doesn't cause any harm or sting to human but unless you are 100% that they not harmful, do not touch them.

What is the first aid for Jellyfish sting? How do I treat Jellyfish Sting?
I will not advise except for do not use urine !

Here are some articles that can help you:

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Bahay Marikit Review, Map, Contact info

Bahay Marikit when translated in english means beautiful house or a nice home. Bahay means house and marikit means beautiful or cute.  It features a mexican-meditteranean style of architecture

If you don't know how to get to this resort, here is the link to a
Bahay Marikit map.  This resort is located in Barangay Maraykit.

As you can see on the video above, bahay marikit offers a free form swimming pool surrounded by different plants.

Location: National Highway, Brgy. Maraykit, Sa Juan
Telephone Number: (043)575 4745

Plaiya Laiya Beach and Amenities

Playa Laiya Beach Resort Im researching about Playa Laiya and I stumbled upon on this video by Hour Philippines TV. I think this one of the most awesome video that describes Playa Laiya. By watching, you can glimpse on Plaiya Laiya beach clubhouse, Plaiya Laiya Sands Cafe and Grill, Marketing Pavillion, resort Pool and Plaiya Laiya Beach Front. You can reach playa laiya website in

Alahbiga Beach Resort Cheap Rates, Promo

In Alahbiga Resort, there are lots of activities to be enjoyed with your family and friends.
You can swing fishing rods to catch fishes, paddle in a kayak, let out your voice in videoke, play volleyball, ride a boat or banana boat.

They can also offer relaxation services for you like massage service, foot spa,
If you want, you can have a Henna Tatoo.
Please see below for the prices and rates in Alahbiga Beach Resort

Rentable Facilities Rates
Fishing Rod P 400
Fishing w/ Operator P 1,500/hour
Goggles P 100
Kayak P 300/hour
Videoke P 1,500/9am-10pm
Beach Volleyball P 50/hour
Banana Boat P 1,500/15min.(5pax)
Boat Ride P 1,500/roundtrip(8pax)

Amenities with Fees Rates
Manicure/Pedicure P 250
Massage Service P 350/hour
Foot SPA P 300
Henna Tattoo Depends on the design/size
Infinity Pool P 100/head
Kiddie Pool P 100/head

Other Fees Rates
Extra pax P 500 Inclusive of mattress, blanket and pillow
Corkage Fee P 2,000 For bringing own food & beverages, liquor, wine, using kitchen utensils, grills and stove

For updates, please check on Alahbiga Contact Details

(Laiya), Hugom, Sitio Biga,San Juan, Batangas

0906-226-2277 (Globe)
0928-554-7082 (Smart)
0908-881-4050 (Smart)

(043) 575-8221

Please check their price rates updates on the following contact

Sometimes, this Alahbiga resort in san juan are offering promos on their site   Lat May 2014, they offered a day tour package

You can also compare alahbiga with other resorts in batangas on this link >> Best Batangas Resorts.
and view the facebook pages of other Laiya Resorts in Laiya Resorts Facebook Pages

Laiya Beach Resorts List

List of Resorts in Laiya and  San Juan, Batangas

Bahay Marikit
Balai sa San Juan
Blue Coral
Dreamland Resort
Estrellas De Mendoza
Klub keluarga
Laiya cocogrove
Palm Beach
Patio socorro
Playa laiya
Sabangan Beach Resort
Villa Aniciete

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Acuaverde Beach Resort Review, Facilities, Amenities

Acuaverde Beach Resort has a range of recreational activities for you to make the most out of the beach with your loved ones, family, and friends

For Beach Activities, you can enjoy the following
Beach Volleyball
Jet Ski
Banana Boat
Speed Boat

They also have Fly Fish, Pedal Boat, Aqua Bike and some unfamiliar stuffs like Buzz Bomb and Fun 4.
Honestly, I dont know Buzz Bomb nor Fun 4 so I still need to research about these

Do you want more? They can also offer you...
Board Games
Children's Playground
Day Tour Cabanas
Facilities for Fun
Nightly Bonfire
On-call Massage Service
Relaxation on the Sands
Shower and Locker Facilities
Sun Loungers
Table Tennis

They also have event venue for celebrations, meetings, and corporate events.
Of course, Acuaverde also offers Wi-Fi access, Parking and 24-hour security

Blue Coral Resort Review, Rates and Amenities

Blue Coral Beach Resort is located in Laiya, Batangas. It is near the popular Aquatico Beach Resort.

You can go to Youtube and watch some videos about Blue Coral

What I liked the most about Blue Coral is their maximize use of space. I don't need to walk far from Blue Coral hotel to reach the pool and the beach. We occupied 2nd or 3rd floor of the hotel where you can capture  beautiful top view pictures of the resort. That's the spot where I took notice of their different ornamental trees. On the ground floor of the hotel is the dining area.   You can watch the koi pond and glimpse on swimming pool on the dining area.  The beach side is only a few steps away of their swimming pool.

Second, I really like the presence of ornamental trees near their koi pond. No one will go to a resort just to look for ornamental trees but these trees add up to my relaxation.

Third, Banana boat ride!  We were offered to have a ride on their banana banana boat and we took the deal. It was my first time. It was the first ride of my friends too and not all of us know how to swim.
That's why we are loving and hugging our life vest so much. Most of us were afraid but we  survived enjoyed our bumpy banana ride! haha


Author  do not own any resort on this blog but author is willing to compile and share details of Laiya resorts for learning purposes of readers.

Efforts are being extended to have this website updated however author cannot guarantee the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of every detail in the articles

Visit the resort's primary websites or contact their mobile numbers, email addresses for updates on their resort, rates, amenities and policies