Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blue Coral Resort Review, Rates and Amenities

Blue Coral Beach Resort is located in Laiya, Batangas. It is near the popular Aquatico Beach Resort.

You can go to Youtube and watch some videos about Blue Coral

What I liked the most about Blue Coral is their maximize use of space. I don't need to walk far from Blue Coral hotel to reach the pool and the beach. We occupied 2nd or 3rd floor of the hotel where you can capture  beautiful top view pictures of the resort. That's the spot where I took notice of their different ornamental trees. On the ground floor of the hotel is the dining area.   You can watch the koi pond and glimpse on swimming pool on the dining area.  The beach side is only a few steps away of their swimming pool.

Second, I really like the presence of ornamental trees near their koi pond. No one will go to a resort just to look for ornamental trees but these trees add up to my relaxation.

Third, Banana boat ride!  We were offered to have a ride on their banana banana boat and we took the deal. It was my first time. It was the first ride of my friends too and not all of us know how to swim.
That's why we are loving and hugging our life vest so much. Most of us were afraid but we  survived enjoyed our bumpy banana ride! haha

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